In what is the first of our Associate Member Spotlight INCA would like to introduce you to Tenmat Ltd.

Tenmat is a leading manufacturer of advanced materials and components with over 100 years of experience. The diversified product range includes composite & polymer materials, high temperature materials, and passive fire protection solutions.

There are three main divisions of their business:

1: Composite & polymer wear parts & bearings for all sectors of heavy industry from aviation, mining, marine, rail and general engineering.

2: High temperature materials – specialist solutions for high temperature scenarios across multiple sectors of industry

But the most relevant division to the INCA membership and the EWI industry is the third division:

3: Passive fire protection solutions and fire stopping products – a wide range of fully tested passive fire protection products, each with performance characteristics suitable for different applications.

Passive Fire Protection

With Passive fire protection being a crucial element of construction practices, Tenmat is dedicated to providing technically advanced passive fire protection products with outstanding performance, with proven effectiveness across various applications. The range of products specifically provides solutions for electrical service penetrations, mechanical service penetrations, lighting, ventilation, housebuilding, general intumescent materials and ventilated cavity fire barriers … and it’s this latter range of products which is of particular interest to INCA and its membership.

Ventilated Cavity Fire Barriers

Tenmat offers both cavity fire barriers as well as open state / ventilated fire barriers suitable for a wide range of cavity sizes and constructions.

Modern constructions often require external cladding, external facades and rainscreen systems to be held away from the building structure to allow ventilation and improve the building energy efficiency. Within this void, it is essential to have a cavity barrier.

This resulting cavity creates a serious fire protection threat to structures and people. The void acts like an open chimney and allows the fire to spread quickly both vertically and horizontally around the building. Tenmat’s range of intumescent ventilated fire barriers or ‘open state’ cavity fire barriers are designed to maintain the ventilated cavity in normal conditions but will rapidly expand to seal off the gap in the event of a fire.

In addition to this Tenmat also supplies a range of intumescent materials, each with performance characteristics suitable for different applications.

Tenmat have put together a comprehensive brochure specifically relating to cavity barriers and passive fire protection for facades.

Download a PDF copy of this brochure – Click Here >>>

Tenmat INCA Member Forum – Passive Fire Protection For Building Façades.

If you would like to learn more please contact Tenmat direct – telephone +44 161 872 2181 or via theire website:

Company Information

Tenmat is part of the Diamorph group which has offices, manufacturing sites, vendors and distributors across the globe. Tenmat headquarters is in Manchester UK where the first composite engineering components were created at the turn of the twentieth century. Today, their in-house production facilities are equipped with the most modern machinery to ensure the highest standards of quality for all products – from standard items to bespoke products, from semi-finished goods to fully machined components.

Tenmat is fully committed to technical excellence through heavy investment in ongoing research and development. It has extensive in-house technical resources to develop innovative and high-quality products and they pride themselves on being able to offer the full solution to any customer requirement.