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The winners of the 2023 INCA Awards were announced at a glittering ceremony held in the Royal Suite at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in the heart of Nottingham attended by more than 320 INCA members and their guests representing external wall insulation industry from across the UK. The event was hosted and compared by non-other than actor, comedian and writer, Marcus Brigstocke.

This year there were a total of 12 project categories and 3 non-project categories and we’re now delighted to be able to present the winners to you in brochure form:

INCA Awards 2023 – Winners Brochure

Alternatively the winners and images with links to further information are listed below (click anywhere within each category to open up a new tab with further information):

High-Rise EWI – Brick Effect Finish

The judges described the winning project as absolutely stunning and were particularly impressed by the crisp, sharp lines, chamfered right angles, good use of colour and high u-value performance.

New Build EWI High-Rise – Render Finish

With such fantastic architectural detailing, great lines, impeccable finish and the creative use of lightweight profiles to add dimension the judges decided the award should go to a very worthy winner.

New Build EWI Low-Rise – Brick Effect Finish

Chosen because of such an impressive demonstration of the important role EWI can play in supporting sustainable, off-site construction the judges decided that the award should go to …

New Build EWI Low-Rise – Render Finish

The judges all singled out the winner as a great example of how modern methods of construction and EWI in low rise applications can support high thermal performance and sustainable construction in all sectors.

Refurbishment EWI High-Rise – Render Finish

The judges decided that the complex system demonstrating exceptional detailing, superb ashlar work and a highly impressive classic finish set this project apart. 

Refurbishment EWI Mid-Rise – Render Finish

Clean lines, sharp corners, crisp elevations, excellent chamfer and angle detailing and good use of colour … just a few of the reasons the judges decided the award should go to these stunning beachside apartments.

Refurbishment EWI Low-Rise – Brick Effect Finish

Sometimes it’s not all about dramatic visual transformation. The judges have selected their winner based on great design and excellent match which replicates the original look of the properties whilst dramatically improving their energy efficiency. 

Refurbishment EWI Low-Rise – Render Finish

Because of the sheer volume and quality of the entries the judges found it impossible to differentiate between two particular projects and so we have joint winners in this category

WINNER 1: The first winner was chosen, not just on quality but for demonstrating a tenant first approach to create energy efficient, aesthetically pleasing homes whilst strengthening the sense of community amongst residents. 

WINNER 2: Our second winner impressed the judges with excellent detailing and extremely high quality of finish which delivered significant and impressive visual and thermal improvements. 

Refurbishment EWI – Non-Residential

This was a really tough decision but the judges decided that one project particularly stood out by demonstrating an amazing transformation, a stunning design and truly excellent detailing to bring an old, timber frame building back from the dead! 

Judges Choice – Architectural Design

Some absolutely stunning designs but the judges were unanimous in deciding on a winner which they described as an inspirational architectural design incorporating extraordinary use of materials and colour which truly showcases the versatility of brick slips when incorporated within an EWI system. 

Judges Choice – Environmental Impact

REFURBISHMENT: The judges decided that in the interest of fairness, there should be two winners – one for refurbishment and one for new-build.  The refurbishment winner was described as “a shining example of high quality EWI installation and best practice incorporated within a whole house approach which has delivered significant positive impact to the health and wellbeing of the residents

NEW BUILD: The Judges Choice Environmental Impact Award for new-build goes to a standout project described as an incredible showcase for EWI in our industry drive to support sustainable new build construction.  When a resident was asked how often they turned on their heating the answer was – “never … the lowest temperature it’s ever been since we’ve lived here is 19 degrees – and that was mid-winter at 7:00am in the morning!”   

Judges Choice – Special Commendation

It was felt that the quality of design and installation versus the complexity and amount of work undertaken to fulfil the refurbishment of this iconic landmark building could not and should not go unrecognised. 

Component Supplier Of The Year

This year INCA system designers and contractors voted for and rated on customer service, reliability, communications, product range, innovation and support and there were A LOT of votes and the clear winner, for the third year in a row …

EWI Installer Of The Year

As ever this award is voted for by System Designers and Associate members but this year, to make it even more accurate, installers have been rated by their suppliers on quality of workmanship, commitment to training, communication and client satisfaction, health and safety commitment and of course how well they pay. This years award went to:

INCA Outstanding Achievement Award

This year the award goes to someone who’s racked up over 30 years in the EWI industry. His experience and technical expertise spans across the whole industry having spent time with system designers, component supplies and contractors.  This person helped shape and deliver one of the first contractor run training academies, he’s sat on many of the working groups to help set the standards that we all know and use now – notable the EN 13501 Fire Classification for Construction Products and Building Elements and the BBA working group on Wind Loading   Over the years he’s always strived for technical excellence, best practice and improvements in the industry – demonstrated by his championing causes on behalf of INCA where he currently chairs the influential Technical Committee. 

Thank You To Our Sponsors

The support and backing of the INCA Awards sponsors goes a long way to hlep make this event the success and highlight of the EWI industry calendar that it has become. We therefore want to say a huge thank you to you all and to let you know how much your support is appreciated.