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The benefits to landlords of installing EWI can be significant; increased property value, reduced heating costs by up to as much as 40%, lower maintenance costs e.g. from reduced condensation and mould growth, improved tenant satisfaction which could reduce turnover and void times and enhanced reputation from providing good quality homes that are affordable to heat.

Private & Social Landlords

The External Wall Insulation (EWI) systems which are now available mean that there is a solution to refurbish even the largest, most ‘hard to treat’ social housing properties which can often present a multitude of design issues as a result of non-traditional construction methods.

The importance of an integrated EWI refurbishment solution for Registered Social Landlords should not be underestimated. Combining knowledge and expertise, INCA members offer a comprehensive service to ensure area based social housing refurbishment schemes are delivered on time and, more importantly, on budget!

Once an INCA Contractor is involved property assessments and surveys will be completed, help will be given and advice offered on the design and specification of an appropriate EWI system. Guidance will also be provided on anticipated project costs and funding possibilities, and finally a schedule of works will be devised.

This integrated approach offers peace of mind for social housing providers looking to prolong and enhance the life of their building stock. INCA members offer a complete package which combines project planning and practicalities with on-site delivery.

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Whatever the nature of your involvement in an EWI project, whether it be new build or refurbishment, small or large, INCA have members who can help.

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