External Wall Insulation
All You Need To Know

​External wall insulation is not a new concept, it’s actually been used across Europe since the 1960s. EWI is regarded as one of THE most effective ways to thermally upgrade existing buildings or to construct new buildings with energy efficiency in mind.

The versatility of the system may come as quite a surprise, with different types and thicknesses of insulants being able to deliver the efficiency results your project demands and a wide array of finishes in different colours, textures and effects which can satisfy even the most challenging of design briefs … brick, stone, render, texture, dash … it’s all possible!

If you are considering incorporating EWI within the scope of a project of if you’re a homeowner thinking about thermally upgrading your property, in this section we aim to provide you with all you need to know about external wall insulation systems.

Homeowners Guide To EWI

INCA have put together a short EWI guide for homeowners to answer the basic questions we are commonly asked.

An Introduction To EWI

The INCA, Insulated Render and Cladding Association, introduction to the basics of external wall insulation systems (EWI).

The Benefits Of EWI

There are many benefits of external wall insulation systems and reasons to install it. We have detailed the main ones here.

Suitability Of EWI

EWI is a versatile way of making a building more energy efficient and can be used on most construction types – but not all!

EWI – Specifying Insulation

When it comes to specifying external wall Insulation, typically, there are two main types of insulants:

EWI And UK Fire Regulations

When it comes to EWI and fire regulation, the classification system defined in BS EN 13501-1 is the recognised standard.

EWI Installation Guide

An external wall insulation guide to explain, in general terms only, how a standard EWI system is installed.

EWI Finishes

With the use of different render textures, effects and colours there’s no limits to what can be created with an EWI system.

Frequently Asked Questions

All your external wall Insulation FAQs answered to help you understand EWI and the benefits it can deliver.

Ask The INCA Technical Experts

If you have any EWI related question which has not been covered then please feel free to ask the INCA team of technical external wall insulation experts. Simply fill out the form below and submit. We aim to respond within one business day.

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