INCA – Is It Time YOU Joined?

As the drive to net zero begins to ramp up and with domestic heating bills at all time highs the external wall insulation industry has never been more important and in demand.

Be it new build or refurbishment, your efforts are making a difference to the homes we live in and the buildings we work in throughout the UK. Already so many are benefitting from a safe, comfortable environment, a significantly improved thermal performance, reduced heating costs and a fresh, modern aesthetic. Businesses, families and indeed entire communities are being completely transformed in so, so many ways thanks to the amazing work you’re all doing.

Growth is not going to stop any time soon either – Government targets should mean that the incentives and grant fundings (designed to encourage further growth and deliver even more benefit to those that need it most) are here to stay and built on further.

But, in times of growth and opportunity come challenges … supply chain demands, product availability, workforce numbers, training, regulations, best practice and quality control to name but a few.

And that’s why membership of INCA, the recognised trade association for the EWI industry in the UK, is so very important both to you as a business and indeed the external wall insulation industry as a whole.

What We Do

Here at INCA we already have a seat at the table when it comes to influencing and advising Government and helping them to get the funding streams set up to best support the industry, we are already questioning and influencing legislation, regulations and controls, we are already talking to influential parties about the skills shortage and working with Government departments, training bodies and colleges to do something about it .. and quickly! We’re already helping shape PAS, driving best practice, publishing industry guides with a focus on being able to deliver on the targets whilst maintaining the quality of product and install and reputation of the industry.

And we don’t stand still either … alongside our lobbying partners from across the energy efficiency industry as a whole we are already focussed on those upcoming election manifestos’ and crossing all political boundaries to make sure the focus remains in place and that we get the long-term consistency of incentives and opportunities that the industry needs but has previously lacked.

That’s what we do and that’s why you should at least consider membership of INCA and joining forces with us in supporting industry efforts to build controlled, consistent growth whilst maintain the highest quality.

You only have to look at our membership list to note that virtually all the main EWI system designers are active members, the key EWI component suppliers are with us and we already have an impressive list of installation contractors of all sizes covering all areas of the UK so, if you’re not already a member perhaps it’s time you considered joining us and supporting our considerable efforts – your small investment in INCA could make such a difference.

The Benefits To You

Apart from being able to influence, support and shape the industry that’s obviously so important to you and your future by simply displaying the INCA membership badge you’re telling your potential clients, specifiers and main contractors that you’re all about quality – meaning that your membership is going to help you win business and grow your company. You’ll also be able to share in the celebration of EWI excellence at our annual awards ceremony, build relationships and network with colleagues and influential organisations from across the industry, benefit from the marketing support we give our members. You’ll be educated and kept informed and up to date with all the latest news and developments from the industry and you’ll also be able to take advantage of the various discounts and member benefits you would expect from any trade association.

We’re already growing rapidly this year so, if you’re involved in the external wall insulation industry, perhaps it’s time you too considered joining INCA – it might just be one of the best business decisions you make this year.

You can read more about INCA membership and apply via the simple online form or alternatively just fill in the form below and we’ll be delighted to organise a call or Teams meeting to introduce ourselves, talk about the benefits we can offer and answer any questions you may have – no obligation and no pressure of course. More Info >>>

On behalf of the EWI industry thank you for your interest and consideration.


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