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Please complete the form below to enter your project into the INCA Awards – you will first be asked for some contact details before selecting the category you wish to enter.

Where multiple finishes have been used please select the category based on the main finish but don’t worry if you’re not sure, we’ll contact you if we feel it’s better suited to another category. You can enter as many projects as you like and if you wish to enter a single project into a second category you will need to fill out a seperate form to provide info specific to each category.

Not sure which category yout project fits into? Download the full 2022 INCA Awards Criteria

To make it easier for you this year you can enter in two ways:

  1. Put together the full details of the project on a word document and upload it to the form OR
  2. Fill in the details in bite-size chunks in the text boxes on the form.

Whichever way you choose you should look to provide the following details:

  • Background to the project – how it came about, what the client/specifier was looking to achieve etc.
  • The solution and specification – what was specified and why? Were there any particular challenges in the specification process?
  • The installation and challenges on site – who installed it and what were the main / specific challenges on site?
  • Were there any other problems needed to be overcome?
  • The end result – what was the end result, did it meet all design and performance targets? Was everyone happy with the finished project? How did it impact the community?
  • Quotes – include quotes from your own team, the specifier or the client where possible that says how happy they were.
  • Anything else – add any other info you feel is appropriate.

You will also be required to upload a minimum of 2 images to the entry form. Add the best ones you have (before and afters are always good) and as good a quality as possible (high res 300dpi at actual size). High end smart phones are good enough, the larger the better for main images.

Be as specific and detailed as you can – the more info the better your chances. Download our Top Tips Guide To Entering Your Project >

Deadline for entries Friday 8th July 2022.

Project Awards Entry Form

Please Note:

  • All projects must be located within the UK.
  • A contractor member can enter a project designed by a non-member system holder. A system designer can enter a project installed by a non-member contractor. However, the following caveat applies; non-member companies will not be mentioned, by name, in the bochure or any other promotional material unless they use the opportunity to join INCA four weeks prior to the awards ceremony taking place.

INCA Awards - Enter A Project

Enter your project(s) into the 2022 INCA Awards. We've split the form into short sections -
NOTE: You are able to save at any stage and resume later - click the "Save And Resume Later" option at the bottom of the form

Section 1: Company / Contact Information

Click or drag files to this area to upload. You can upload up to 3 files.
Please attach a copy of your company logo if possible - .png, .gif, .jpg, .eps.

Section 2: Project Information

Project completion date must be between 1st January 2021 and 31st March 2022.

Section 3: Project Details

Provide us with the details of the project in one of two ways:

METHOD 1: Enter By Uploading Project Details On Word Document

Click or drag files to this area to upload. You can upload up to 3 files.

Upload your project details above or type in the details below - whichever is easier for you.
Minimum 400 words - the more information the better your chances!
Please don't forget to upload your project images at the bottom of this form

OR METHOD 2: Fill In Your Project Details Below:

AIM: 400 Words Minimum - Include such things as:
The background to the project, details about the system used, the installation, any particular challenges or problems and the end result. Include a few quotes too if you have any.
Click or drag files to this area to upload. You can upload up to 6 files.
Please attach a minimum of 2 high quality project images. The more images the better and please include before and after photos where possible and applicable.

Submit Your Entry

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Please note: if you click the "Save and Resume Later" option the content of the form will be saved but any file uploads will not.
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