INCA provides an exclusive range of benefits and services to members, ensuring that they are uniquely placed to deliver the highest quality standards for their clients.

INCA Membership Benefits

  • A Better Industry – Providing strong representation for the EWI industry in the UK and Europe, INCA works closely with Government and other key stakeholders to ensure they are aware of the impact of policy changes on the industry. INCA directly influences policy on key business issues on behalf of its members.
  • Win More Work – The ‘Find a Member’ page is the most viewed on the INCA website, and clients including Local Authorities, Housing Associations and main contractors are increasingly specifying INCA members for EWI projects. By helping to showcase their quality and raise their profile, INCA sets its members apart from the competition.
  • Expert Advice and Support – INCA membership provides a wide range of benefits and services to help its members deliver the highest quality standards to their clients. From the dedicated INCA Technical Consultant to the KinnellECO Guarantee, free credit reports to telephone helplines, INCA helps its members to save time and money.
  • Latest News and Guidance – Keeping up to date with changes in legislation, policy and working practices is vital for any business. INCA publishes comprehensive guidance, such as the recently published INCA EWI Best Practice Guide, and sends out regular updates to keep its members on top of what is happening within the industry.
  • Networking Opportunities – INCA offers a forum for its members to come together and interact with other supply chain members, sharing best practice at events such as biannual members’ meetings, regular Committee meetings and the annual INCA Awards. INCA also provides access to the wider specialist sector through its membership of Build UK.

How to Apply

There are three categories of INCA membership:

  • System Designer
  • Contractor
  • Associate

In order to join INCA, companies are required to demonstrate that they meet the INCA criteria for membership. Applications should be made using the INCA Application Form for Membership submitted with the required supporting documentation and application fee. Applications will be considered by the INCA Board of Management whose decision will be final.

For further information on joining INCA, please call 0844 249 0040, email or complete the enquiry form below.

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