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Aesthetic choice and high technical performance make external wall insulation (EWI) an excellent solution for all types of new build projects including homes and industrial, commercial and public buildings such as offices, shops, hospitals and schools. When designing your next project, EWI will enable you to combine a variety of finishes to deliver a first class façade.

INCA members can be relied upon to offer excellent design and technical advice, based on many years of experience and expertise in the industry. They will help you decide the most appropriate materials and work with you at every stage of the project, to ensure that it is completed to both you and your client’s satisfaction and expectations.

INCA System Designers and Contractors understand that the façade is as important as the design of the structure and will work hard with you to ensure the correct finish possibilities are offered, with character and style in mind.

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Worcester High Rise, Worcester - Domestic Refurbishment - High Rise: Winner

External wall insulation offers a wide range of solutions to suit every type of project.

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INCA brings together the EWI supply chain delivering the full range of EWI projects to high quality standards nationwide.