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INCA Case Study: Robertland Gardens, Stewarton​, Scotland


Robertland Gardens, Stewarton

Project Type: New Build

Building Type: Low Rise, Residential

Architect: SIPS Industries

System Designer: Sto Ltd

Installer: Grattan and Hynds

System & Finish: StoRend Flex external render system

U-value Achieved: <0.3 W/m2k


A new Scottish residential development with a strong emphasis on offsite construction and energy-efficiency has highlighted the suitability of Sto’s external render systems for use with modern structural insulated panels (SIPS). The company’s StoRend Flex external render system, which utilizes the StoVentec carrier board, has been installed onto SIPS to create the new detached and semi-detached properties built at Robertland Gardens in Stewartland, North Ayrshire.

The Sto products were specified by project developer SIPS Industries. “We have used Sto solutions many, many times and we know that for SIPS panels, Sto can provide a thoroughly tried and tested system,” comments spokesman Pat Hynds. “It is an ideal way to provide maximum crack resistance, adhesion, weatherproofing and fade resistance to the facades, and the Sto solution allows us to ‘fit and forget’ because we know it will perform efficiently and reliably.”

The SIPS panels are constructed from two layers of oriented strand board which enclose a layer of insulation. The StoVentec carrier boards provide the perfect finishing surface for the panels, not least because, being made from 96% recycled expanded glass granulate, they align closely to the eco-friendly nature of the Robertland Gardens development. They are also reinforced with StoArmat Classic Plus and Sto glass-fibre mesh to provide outstanding impact resistance, and they complement the inherently strong and stable nature of the SIPS panels as they can often be installed without the need for movement joints. This allowed them to provide the stippled exterior surfaces which greatly enhance the striking appearance of the new Robertland Gardens properties.

StoSilco resin render was applied as the finishing coat to create a lightly stippled attractive, through-coloured and long-lasting finish which is both vapour permeable and extremely weather-resistant. It is extremely durable and exceptionally flexible, enabling it to avoid the cracking which can occur with traditional cementitious renders. Being through-coloured it will not fade, which reduces future maintenance and re-painting requirements.

This white stippled render used on the Robertland Gardens properties contrasts with the dark grey StoFlexyl used to encapsulate the insulation below the damp-proof course. This protective coating provides reliable protection against moisture or water ingress in the splash zone and in the soil, and can be used on prepared concrete, masonry and cement sheathing surfaces. A v-profile groove separates the dark grey and white colours and adds a striking visual element to the appearance of the new homes.

The Sto materials were installed by Grattan and Hynds of Fife.

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