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INCA EWI Case Study: Rankin, Livingstone and Balfour Court, Kilmarnock


Residential Refurbishments, Kilmarnock

External Wall Insulation Case Study

Project Type: Refurbishment

Building Type: Residential – Low Rise

Architect: Ayrshire Council

System Designer: Soltherm

Installer: A C Whyte

System & Finish: Soltherm Premium EPS

U-value Achieved: 0.24 W/m²K

“Tired, cold and mouldy”, that was the words one Atrium Housing customer used to describe their Balfour Court property. These 50+ years old wimpey no-fines semi-detached units were rapidly approaching the end of their usable life. Achieving only a band E for energy performance, the crumbling fabric was both inefficient and inadequate.

In a consolidated effort between East Ayrshire Council, Atrium Housing and The Energy Agency, a plan was formulated to improve the properties. Focusing on both Urban Regeneration and Energy Efficiency, delivering social value was at the core of this project.

A total of 92 properties were selected and the works procured through the Scottish Alliance’s Energy Efficiency Framework. Blending the HEEPS: ABS and ECO subsidy streams optimised the funding available and reduced both private and landlord contributions to a minimum. Works were awarded to A C Whyte who after a detailed suitability and best-value assessment selected Soltherm Premium EPS for the external wall insulation. Opting for the dash mosaic finish, A C Whyte assured the durability of the EWI system in what can occasionally be a challenging environment. Delivering an impact resistance of 20 Joules, Soltherm Premium Dash gives the protection required in densely occupied social spaces. In addition the mosaic effect delivered a charming aesthetic more familiar to private rural properties. Gone are the days of hard, monolithic dry dash, Soltherm Dash Mosaic dressed the properties in subtle pastel tones, breaking the repetitive lines of grey and softening the streets.

The Project Designer specified that a minimum of 0.25W/mK must be reached (from 0.54 W/mK pre-install), exceeding the regulatory requirements but ensuring the owners and occupiers get long-term energy benefits from the installation of external wall insulation. Incorporating a 120mm graphite EPS into the Premium EWI system, Soltherm engineers achieved a U-value of 0.24W/mK and in-turn jumped 2 bands to an energy rating C. No longer did these homes leak warmth and harbour mould, the EWI had successfully lowered bills, enhanced living conditions and improved occupant health.

The installation was typical of a blended private and social energy project. What however cannot be overlooked is the depth of improvement that the EWI delivered. The properties, the area and the occupants were in a state of depression. The fabric-first retrofit measures delivered uplifted not only the people in the houses but the streets of this area, proving the fact that EWI really is more than just insulation.

No longer do these homes leak warmth and harbour mould, the EWI has successfully lowered bills, enhanced living conditions and improved occupant health.

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