INCA Case Study: Marineside, Bracklesham Bay


Marineside, Bracklesham Bay

​​Project Type: Refurbishment

Building Type: Low Rise, Residential

Architect: Harrington Design

System Designer: K Systems

Installer: Envirorend SE

System & Finish: K Systems M

U-value Achieved: 0.3 W/m2k

With stunning southerly views across to the Isle of Wight and also westerley along the Solent to Hayling Island, Portsmouth and the Millenium Tower, Marineside, a development of three-storey properties at Bracklesham Bay, is a dream location for anyone to live.

However, whilst a prominent beachfront location comes with spectacular sunsets and unrivalled tranquillity, it does leave buildings highly exposed and prone to weather damage.

This was the case with second-home owner properties Marineside which showed signs of high coastal corrosion and were in severe need of regeneration both aesthetically and internally to address thermal underperformance.

K Systems teamed with CBG, Envirorend SE, and Harrington Design to tackle the low-rise refurbishment project, with three main objectives:

  • Remediate problematic substrate
  • Improve thermal performance for the benefit of residents
  • Revitalise a tired and unattractive exterior

As with all projects, K Systems began a detailed scope and specification process with full involvement from all parties, including deploying digital technology to provide an inspirational viewpoint for the client to understand what the refurbishment would look like at completion.

Solution, Specification, Challenges and Results

Once the existing facade was removed it was clear that the block substrate had high level corrosion due to the harsh coastal environment it had endured since being built in the 1940s.

Multiple areas of the three buildings had to be completely removed and replaced using a medium density block that achieved superior pull-out test results. This was a recommendation by K Systems which enforced confidence with not just the client but the homeowners too as the best way to ensure longevity of the buildings.

 The removal also revealed that the substrate was uneven and unsafe. K Systems identified that extensive dubbing out was also needed with these buildings. Dubbing out meant the insulation boards were installed line and level giving a crisp and professional finish.

The Marineside buildings were solid block construction making them extremely inefficient and presented an expense to the homeowners during winter months due to insufficient thermal performance.

Utilising its years of unparalleled expertise, K Systems put forward the industry-proven Mineral Wool insulation system for the project to address the aged façade and significantly boost thermal performance of the building.

K Systems Mineral Wool insulation (a mat of rock fibres which prevents the movement of air) has an industry-leading ability to generate exceptional thermal performance. That made it the perfect choice for the Marineside refurbishment as it would combat the heating issues faced by residents whilst retaining the solid foundations of the existing building.

Other technical benefits which made the K Systems 110mm Mineral Wool system the ideal specification for this refurbishment include:

  • its level of fire resistance and non-combustibility, an A1 rating, ensuring the building met all safety regulations required for residential buildings in England
  • its excellent acoustic properties, ensuring coastal noise absorption further enhance the peaceful and tranquillity of the area
  • its environmentally friendly composition as it is free from gases with ODP (ozone depletion properties) or GWP (global warming potential)

Due to the coastal location and exposure to the elements, it was vital that this refurbishment guaranteed total water tightness. To that aim, K Systems worked closely with the roof installers ensuring that the parapet details were correctly detailed making the system as a whole watertight.

 Due to the same location, the exterior finish was just as important as the internal construction and detailing. The Bracklesham Bay area has a level of prestige and the aesthetics needed to reflect that.

K Systems finished the Marineside complexes with a silicone thin coat render, which is extremely breathable and resistant to the elements, in shades Limestone white and Granite. This completely transformed the aesthetic of the residential blocks making them much more appealing to potential dwellers.

Completed Project:

Following extensive planning, K Systems brought the client’s vision to life and created a beautiful collection of revitalised waterside homes on the banks of Bracklesham Bay.

Each structurally sound, aesthetically pleasing dwelling boasted:

  • Excellent thermal performance properties (achieving a U-value of 0.30W/m2K)
  • A protective exterior resistant to the elementsF
  • A beautiful, clean, crisp, attractive aesthetic

The refurbishment of Marineside wasn’t a straightforward project and required comprehensive scoping to ensure optimal delivery and 100% satisfaction levels amongst current residents. Therefore, it is a notable triumph for K Systems to have delivered a successful project, within budget, without delay or compromise on quality, that not only met but exceeded the requirements and expectations of the client.


“We secured the refurbishment works at Marineside , Bracklesham Bay, for a good client of ours and works started in January 2022. The scope of works was to make the 3 blocks more energy efficient. Due to the coastal location,  K Systems was selected as the most suitable system for this project and we proceeded using  110mm mineral wool and K Systems M Silicone.

Situated directly on the beach, the location of these blocks made the install very challenging as the weather was not very forgiving at that time of year. The existing substrate was all over the place so a lot of effort was put in to get the walls looking line and level while staying within the remit of the specification.

Works were completed in July 2022 and to a very high standard for all to see. “

Envirorend SE

Situated directly on the beach, the location of these blocks made the install very challenging as the weather was not very forgiving at that time of year. The existing substrate was all over the place so a lot of effort was put in to get the walls looking line and level while staying within the remit of the specification

Envirorend SE

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