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INCA Case Study: Hurlford Road, Glasgow


Hurlford Road, Glasgow

Project Type: New Build

Building Type: Low Rise, Residential

Architect: Anderson Bell and Christie

System Designer: K Systems

Installer: CCG

System & Finish: K Systems Aricco | Drained Ventilated Cavity System + Silkolitt

U-value Achieved: 0.13W/m2K

Background and Requirements:

For a new build project which truly harnesses innovation and design, and showcases technical prowess and constructional excellence, look no further than the Hurlford Avenue project, situated on the former Garscadden Primary School site, by K Systems, in partnership with CCG and Anderson Bell and Christie.

Garscadden Primary School closed back in 2017 but the 1930s school building remained standing. Spotting the potential for something impressive on the site, Glasgow Housing Association organised the demolition of the school building and proposed a modern replacement – a portfolio of properties.

Looking to build 28 houses and 42 flats for mid-market rent, Glasgow Housing Association appointed the only team they knew possessed the experience, expertise, and unrivalled foresight to bring its vision to life – K Systems.

The key requirement was to build modern, energy efficient homes which would provide much-needed affordable housing in the sought-after area of Dumbarton, and make a significant difference to the local community.

After extensive planning, focusing on matching an appropriate insulation system with a complementary finish that would deliver on the client’s objective, K Systems devised a comprehensive delivery plan.

Solution, Specification, and Results:

K Systems specified a build with timber kits, a drained ventilated cavity system, and a silkolitt finish.

As the properties were to be made from timber kits, K Systems partnered with CCG – a Scotland based construction company renowned for its off-site manufacturing (OSM). CCG manufactured the kits from its production site in near-by Cambuslang, sourcing the correct material via K Systems exact specification.

CCG’s ‘iQ’ Timber System is an enhanced closed-panel wall solution that combines with floor or roof cassettes to create the superstructure of a home or building. Components such as insulation, internal wall linings, windows, external doors and an externally-applied lightweight render are each capable of being added into the system within the factory environment prior to being assembled on-site.

The OSM process is a precision-engineered environment that guarantees consistency and quality as well as a vastly-improved product in the area of thermal performance. The ‘iQ’ System is designed with a fabric-first approach where greater tolerances are determined by fewer junctions and thermal bridges to deliver enhanced U values and significantly improve airtightness including an air permeability rating of 0 for separating walls.

This overall increase in thermal performance is achieved without relying upon bolt-on services; reducing heat transfer and heat loss is an inherent advantage brought by the system.

By incorporating OSM and the iQ system into this project, it is just a small insight into the unrivalled knowledge and expert approach that K Systems takes and the measures it will go to to fulfil the requirements of its clients.

Structure taken care of, focus then turned to the supporting insulation system. K Systems chose its Aricco system – a drained ventilated cavity system perfectly suited for use in low rise buildings, particularly new build projects and timber or steel framed construction.

The Aricco EWI system is also the best match and most compatible with offsite/modular construction techniques which were in play in this project, and boasts the highest fire resistance rating possible, meaning these homes ensured a higher level of safety for all residents.

The finish was just as important as the insulation system, with the cost-effective and industry-leading Silkolitt render specified. Silkolitt renders provide a contemporary finish to new-build applications, something this project very much required to modernise the area.

Silkolitt also has a number of additional qualities which added significant value to this project and proved its worth in the specification:

– Easy of application – It is the easiest system to apply quickly and effectively
– Its hydrophobic properties makes the render low maintenance
– It also has excellent vapour permeability, allowing the Hurlford Avenue properties to breathe and avoid interstitial condensation
– It is the most flexible system on the market, making cracking over its lifetime less likely and therefore delivering a pleasing aesthetic with outstanding longevity

The combinations specified by K Systems here resulted in the build of impressive dwellings boasting a u-value of 0.13W/m2K – meaning homes were easier and cheaper to heat, a particularly attractive benefit given the current cost of living crisis.


The build of the Hurlford Avenue development wasn’t without its challenges.

Decanting of residents in surrounding estates didn’t take place and therefore precision planning was required to minimise disruption, ensure all traffic ways remained free for passage, and keep noise pollution to a minimum – something successfully achieved.

During the build, the team encountered some detailing challenges. However, working direct with the contractor and main contractor, these challenges were quickly resolved from key colleagues within the K-Systems Technical Team, and the build remained on schedule and of the highest quality.
Not a specific requirement of the client but something K Systems always seeks to fulfil is responsible working and sustainability.

The work practice associated with offsite is a highly efficient one with carbon emissions and, thus, the carbon footprint was reduced at every stage of the build as a result of reduced waste, sustainable materials, fewer vehicle movements, and the long-term reduction in emissions for the lifetime of the home or building itself – another box ticked.

Completed Refurbishment:

From specification and design to planning, delivery, and evaluating, the excellence of K Systems shone through. Unsurprisingly, the company transformed a derelict site to a contemporary multi-dwelling development, that:

– Perfectly fulfilled the requirements of the client
– Delivered an impressive target u-value – 0.13W/m2K
– Was completed within timescale and budget, despite ongoing COVID restrictions
– Created an attractive living space that rejuvenated the Dumbarton area

All in all, a fantastic example of a new build project, expertly delivered with unrivalled results.

I would like to thank everyone on the K-Systems technical support team for their contribution in accomplishing the Aricco System project at Hurlford Avenue.

The regular visits from senior technicians always go a long way to keeping any project in check and it makes the job of our management much easier by having honest, professional judgement

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