INCA Case Study: Harbour View, Portishead


Harbour View, Portishead

Project Type: New Build

Building Type: High Rise, Mixed Use

Architect: Angus Meek Architects

System Designer: SPS Envirowall

Installer: Woodman Brothers Ltd

System & Finish: SPSenvirowall Dbl Density + Silicone Render

U-value Achieved: 0.29 W/m2k

Harbour View in Portishead is a residential construction project that consists of 93 contemporary apartments, arranged in two blocks across four storeys, seamlessly integrated with underground parking on the ground floor. The success of this project can be attributed to the exceptional collaboration between SPS Envirowall and installer, Woodman Brothers, resulting in a timely completion that exceeded expectations. The architectural vision of Angus Meek Architects is brought to life in this project, showcasing a striking façade that captivates the eye.

Specific Design, Technical Challenges Overcome

The principal challenges of the project included its curved façade spanning 3,400 m2, and the requirement for the system to withstand the harsh weather conditions of a coastal location.  SPS Envirowall’s Direct Fix System was specified, incorporating mineral wool insulation and Flexisil silicone render. Woodman Brothers and SPS Envirowall’s technical team worked closely to create a facade solution which met the client’s objectives and overcame the architectural challenges. The design flexibility of Direct Fix allowed for the EWI system to accommodate the curved façade with ease. In addition, the system’s minimum 60-year design life and excellent water-repellency were ideally suited to the challenges of coastal weather conditions.

Installation Details, Including Challenges on Site

The complexity of the curved structure necessitated careful coordination and expert installation. In particular, attention to detail was required to ensure that the curved façade was finished to a very high standard. SPS Envirowall’s site support team and Woodman Brothers worked closely to ensure that the construction progressed smoothly, meeting the project timeline without compromising on quality.

Thermal Performance Enhancement

SPS Envirowall’s Direct Fix System and silicone render finish significantly contributed to enhancing the thermal performance of Harbour View. The system’s advanced insulation properties and meticulous design details resulted in an impressive U-Value of 0.17 W/(m²K).  This commitment to thermal performance ensures energy efficiency and reduced carbon emissions, providing residents with a comfortable living environment.

Contributory Factors that Make it a ‘Stand-Out’ Project

Harbour View’s success extends beyond its technical achievements. The project’s curved design, location, and aesthetics make it a standout development. The integration of the EWI system, seamlessly aligns with the architectural vision of Angus Meek Architects, creating a visually striking façade. Additionally, the project’s location near the Portishead Business Centre and its role in revitalizing the neighbourhood contribute to its uniqueness and positive impact.

The meticulous attention to detail, timely execution, and integration of cutting-edge systems have resulted in an outstanding development that surpasses expectations. Harbour Crescent not only showcases architectural brilliance but also promotes sustainable living and contributes to the positive transformation of the neighbourhood. This project serves as a testament to the power of collaborative expertise and innovative EWI solutions.

The meticulous attention to detail, timely execution, and integration of cutting-edge systems have resulted in an outstanding development that surpasses expectations.

SPS Envirowall

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