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CHAS would like us to inform you of a new growth assessment that will enable organisations in the built environment and construction sectors to reap the business benefits of a fairer and more inclusive working environment – the Fairness, Inclusion and Respect Growth Assessment (FIR).

The Fairness, Inclusion & Respect Growth Assessment

The Fairness, Inclusion & Respect Growth Assessment, has been developed in partnership with major construction clients, contractors and the Supply Chain Sustainability School. Endorsed by the Construction Leadership Council, the Assessment demonstrates an organisation’s commitment to making workplaces better for everyone and provides a structured way to develop and embed a culture of fairness, inclusion, and respect in your company.

CHAS is delighted to be one of the first organisations to be authorised to undertake an independent accreditation against the FIR Assessment enabling you to:

  • better understand your organisation’s maturity on fairness, inclusion and respect issues
  • benchmark with others in the industry
  • access a pathway of learning resources to support improvement and your growth journey to best practice
  • evidence to your clients and stakeholders that fairness, inclusion, and respect matters to your company

FIR Accreditation is valid for up to 2 years from the date of accreditation and they have developed a flexible approach and pricing structure to suit businesses from the very smallest to the largest.

FIR – How It Works

The accreditation is completed in three key stages:

  1. Your organisation undertakes an on-line based assessment with CHAS answering a series of questions based on key FIR topic areas. Answers should be based on the existing level you believe your company to currently operate at and provide supporting evidence to support your accreditation application.
  2. Based on the size of your organisation, CHAS will then arrange a series of on-line or telephony based Contextual Conversation interviews with a number of relevant members of your organisation.
    During these interviews, the CHAS Assessor will review the evidence that you have submitted and ask additional questions and seek further evidence to understand to what extent the organisation’s submitted evidence reflects the reality across the organisation.
  3. The CHAS Assessor team will review your accreditation application and the supporting evidence you have supplied. You will be awarded an assessed level of accreditation based on the matrix below. The CHAS Assessor will contact you to discuss the accreditation level and recommendations for the future. You will also receive an Assessor Report with the observations and recommendations of how you can improve your accreditation rating in future.

FIR – The Benefits

The Fairness, Inclusion and Respect Growth Assessment enables organisations to assess and embed the principles and business benefits of a fairer, more inclusive and respectful workplace. It helps make workplaces better for everyone.

The assessment has been specifically designed by construction clients, contractors and sub-contractors and is suitable for organisations of any size, large or small. It will help you:

  • Attract, recruit and retain a diverse work force
  • Increase employee engagement and co-operation
  • Become mor innovative and collaborative
  • Increase productivity leading to improved financial returns
  • Meet client engagement requirements in Equality, Diversity and Inclusion
  • Identify and address workplace culture challenges
  • Enhance your reputation as part of an industry-wide initiative

Total cost for this is from as little as £1,625 and … don’t forget … there’s your INCA discount to come off this too!

Download The FIR Digital Guide

Any enquiries can go direct to the CHAS FIR Champion – Lucy Dixon at lucy.dixon@chas.co.uk