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If you’re thinking about entering a project then do it … you CAN win. Every single project entry is carefully reviewed and independently judged against similar projects – our entry categories reflect this:

  • New Build: low rise EWI with render finish
  • New Build: Low rise with brick slip / brick effect finish
  • New Build: high rise EWI with render finish
  • New Build: high rise with brick slip / brick effect finish
  • Refurbishment: low rise EWI with render finish
  • Refurbishment: Low rise with brick slip / brick effect finish
  • Refurbishment: high rise EWI with render finish
  • Refurbishment: high rise with brick slip / brick effect finish

Small projects will be judged against other small projects and not unfairly compared to large scale schemes and all project entries will additionally be judged for the standard of architectural design and against the level of environmental impact so literally ANY and EVERY project has an equal chance of winning an INCA Award.

The judging process is totally fair and impartial and the judges themselves are EWI experts and completely independent and have no links to any specific INCA member companies involved in the awards. So there’s absolutely no reason for you not to enter and no reason that you shouldn’t win. But, even if you don’t win, your entry will be converted into a case study, published on the INCA website and promoted on our social media chanels for your future clients to see … we even publish contact links directly back to you.

So, now we’ve convinced you to enter how should you go about putting your entry together to give yourself the best chance?

How To Write A Winning Entry

We’ve had some amazing project entries over the years that haven’t even been shortlisted because the entry failed to get their message across – a good description let down by poor images meaning that the judges could read about how amazing the project looks but couldn’t see the proof! Or the reverse or course – stunning photos but a written description that didn’t set the project apart from any other. This is why we’ve put together a list of 6 top tips for writing a winning INCA Awards entry – and it’s really simple!

1: Why Should YOU Win?

Think about why your project should win and why is your project better than the others. This is the message you’ve got to get across to the judges so focus on this and then “sell” it to the judges!

2: Give Us A Variety Of Decent Photos

We love to see at least three or four good hi-res photos. They don’t need to be professional (decent smart phone is good enough) but try to make them look as attractive as possible (taken in bright daylight if possible, preferably after you’ve finished landscaping and moved the vans!) and take close up of any specific details or photos that demonstrate the challenges faced on site or the high quality of installation / finish achieved.

3: Make The Photos Relevant

If it’s refurbishment show us the transformation from before to after. If it’s a new build estate show us the different house types. If it’s new-build show us stages of construction … keep the photos relevant to the category you’re entering.

4: Write Great Descriptions

Tell us about the specification, what work has been done, what was difficult, how did you do the work, how did you solve problems etc etc.  Really highlight the big achievements, innovation, selling points, what’s special, stand-out or unique – use bullet points, bold text, underline, or CAPITALS to make these stand out and are recognised by the judges. And, don’t worry, you don’t need to be a published author to write the description, don’t worry about grammar and spelling – just give us the facts and details.

5: The End Result

You’ve completed the project – did it meet the brief, did it exceed the brief, did the main contractor enjoy working with you, was the client happy, what do teh residents think of the refurbishment … tell us what people thought and give us a few quotes if you can.

6: Why Should YOU Win?

Now think back to question you asked yourself earlier … why should YOU win? Will the information and photos you’ve provided convince the judges to think like you? If you think it will then click the submit button but if you think something is missing then go back and add it in.

Good Luck

The INCA Awards are free to enter and open all project types and sizes. As a member, you can enter as many projects as you wish. Each entry will be independently reviewed and judged against similar projects and so every project has an equal chance of winning.

Give yourself a better chance … follow the guidance above and make your entry stand out from the rest.