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Since the original Technical Guidance Document 01 entitled: Fire Performance Requirements for EWI Systems was first published in May 2021 things have changed a little.

Because of these changes the original comprehensive 28 page guide which was intended to provide general guidance on best practice in the four geographic regions to which the Building Regulations apply, namely England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland has been updated and re-published as of June 2023.

The update to this guidance document includes the amendments to The Building Regulations 2019 (England) incorporating 2020 & 2022 amendments and The Building (Scotland) Regulations 2020 incorporating 2021 & 2022 amendments. It also includes references to The Building Regulations 2006 (Wales) incorporating 2010, 2016,2020 & 2022 amendments..

The Regulations, Standards and other references given in this document are believed to be correct at the time of issue. These documents remain subject to regular review, amendments, and updates. Whilst INCA will endeavor to review the current status of the documents, the reader is advised to check that they are still valid and that they reference the latest versions and Regulations.


When considering the design of EWI systems the parts of the Regulations relating to the construction of external wall cladding should include specific reference to non-load bearing EWI systems in terms of combustibility, structure height and the intended use of the structure. However, these should never be assessed in isolation and without reference to other related and relevant parts of the Regulations.

The June 2023 revised INCA Technical Guidance Document 01- Fire Performance Requirements for EWI Systems can be downnloaded by following the link below:

INCA Technical Guidance Document 01 – Fire Performance Requirements for EWI Systems

This guide is issued by INCA to give general guidance on best practice. INCA and the organisations responsible for its content do not accept any liability arising in any way from relying on this guide. If you require advice on a specific issue, you should seek your own independent professional advice. Requests to use any part of this guide should be made by email of phone call to:

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