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For the last 2 years Trueline have won the Component Supplier of the Year category at the annual INCA Awards – will they make it a hat-trick in 2023 or will they be knocked off their perch!

Nominations are open now but this year we’re doing things a little differently!

Who can win?

The award can go to any EWI component supplier who is registered as an INCA associate member as at June 30th 2023. It’s open to all component suppliers, large or small, general or niche and It doesn’t matter if you have won the award before. All suppliers are in the running and you all have an equal chance of winning.

How does the voting work?

As we said, this year we’re doing things in a different way to ensure the award is both easy to enter and is fairly judged. In 2023 we are asking INCA system holders and contractor members to rate their component suppliers across 5 key areas, from poor to excellent :

  1. Customer Service
  2. Lead Times
  3. Product Range
  4. Product Innovation
  5. Site / Project Support

The nomination / voting form is a very simple tick box process which should only take minutes to complete. All INCA component suppliers are listed and you can rank all those companies you use.

Who can vote?

Nominations are restricted to INCA system holders and contractor members only … we wouldn’t want you voting for yourself or a competitor would we! That said it is absolutely fine to lobby your customers to nominate you and we would encourage you to do this as it may increase your chance of winning (depending on how your customers rate you of course).

Anyone who works for an INCA system holder or contractor member can nominate and rate any component supplier. They can rate as many different suppliers as they choose … all the INCA members they buy from if they wish! Should we receive multiple nominations for the same supplier from different people within a single company we will simply take the average rating so as not to double count.

No voting form will ever be kept, shared or made public so you can be completely honest in your ratings.

Get started

You will find the entry form and more information in the awards section of the website: https://www.inca-ltd.org.uk/inca-awards/nominate-and-vote/component-supplier-of-the-year-voting-form/ but we have also placed a copy below so you can get started right away: