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Openreach MDR Process – Feedback

If you’re involved in the EWI retrofit market you will undoubtedly have had dealings with Openreach in relation to their MDR programme which deals with the moving of BT phone wires when EWI systems are being installed. Over the years the Openreach MDR process has changed somewhat and, as such, INCA have been working closely with them in order to communicate the changes and to iron out any issues. It’s now your chance to feed-back and have your say in confidence!

The Openreach MDR Programme

MDR (Multi Dropwire rearrangement) is the Programme put in place to ensure the integrity of the Openreach Drop Wire Network and infrastructure while allowing property owners to carry our maintenance and upkeep on their properties.

These Dropwires are not just phone lines but are also vital in offering help and support to those that need it.  Assistance such as help alarm pull cords, CCTV or other safety equipment is often fed from these cables and as a result they are protected by law. Openreach adheres to very strict legislation on how these cables are maintained.   This is why we only allow certified contractors carry out work with explicit permission to do so from Openreach.

The MDR Process

Openreach have launched a new step-by-step process for all orders – this is the process as it is today and any previous arrangements have been superseded. It is still evolving, and they are making changes based on the feedback provided by customers where they can and so your collective response to our questionnaire will be considered.

The Openreach aim is to make this as automated as possible to prevent delays while ensuring there is enough checks by their teams to prevent any mistakes. Although there are no set lead times on MDR below is the average times you can expect.

      • Placing an order to contact from our contractors regarding a survey – up to 5 working days.
      • From Openreach receiving the survey info to sending out a quote – 3 working days.
      • Then sending an invoice after confirmation from a customer 2 working days.


It is important to note that this new Openreach MDR process supersedes any previous process you may have been working to. Links to further information and to the enquiry form are as follows:

Payment in advance required

Openreach previously allowed customers to pay to pay for work once completed. Unfortunately for commercial reasons this is no longer possible. It is appreciated that this is not ideal because you only receive payment once work is completed leaving a large window until you recover that money. Openreach are still exploring options but regulators insist on a single process for all customers.

Payment for 2 visits

Openreach adopted a 2 fix approach after a series of serious safety breaches. Also as this infrastructure often provides the network connectivity of things such as emergency pull cords, panic alarms or even safety cameras, they are regulated heavily and need to have a network availability of 99.9999% for these. They also have strict measurements in place to repair faults on any issues. As a result Openreach now carry out a second visit once everyone is finished on site. On this visit they carry out a full inspection checking the cable height, tension and fixings. They also check the line is working. They will then inform customers when the second fix is completed and issue any outstanding refunds.

This second fix is the same price as the first visit. This may seem strange but Openreach work out an overall cost which is calculated based on variables such as:

      • Amount of properties
      • Return mileage,
      • Survey cost,
      • Fixings/eyebolts
      • Other issues – broken lead ins etc.

This is then compiled into an average per property and split into 2 equal amounts. The idea behind this is to make it easier for customers to provide budgetary quotes or respond to tenders.

Openreach – Have Your Say

Now that we’ve clarified the current Openreach MDR process we’d like to invite your feedback, the results of which will be collated and presented to Openreach in order to identify any common issues or frustrations (and what is going well) with a view to making further improvements to benefit all parties.

Your responses will be confidential – we will NOT be sharing any company details or individual names so feel free to be as honest and open as you wish. The survey is open to future potential INCA members also. Why Join INCA >

Openreach MDR Feedback Form

There are 5 very short sections to this form – all questions are optional but please answer all that are appropriate to you and make any comments accordingly. The sections cover

    1. About you (confidential and will not be shared with Openreach)
    2. Openreach Initial Process
    3. Pricing
    4. MDR Site Works
    5. The Process Overall

    This Survey Is Now Closed – Thank You To All Those Who Contributed

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