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As the recognised trade association for the EWI industry in the UK INCA, the Insulated Render and Cladding Association, is growing in strength and numbers. As such we get calls from numerous organisations who are thinking about joining but want to know exactly what the benefits are and just what do they get for their money. So … why should you join and just what return can you expect from your investment in INCA?

By joining any trade association, you are demonstrating to the world that you are proud of and actively support the industry you’re in. A good trade association plays a vital role in expertly guiding and influencing policy makers, providing networking opportunities, giving the industry a strong voice when it comes to new legislation, delivering relevant tools such as industry guidance and best practices and in setting the standards of industry excellence.

Joining INCA is no different – whether you are a system designer/supplier, a large national installation contractor, a regional installer focussed on smaller private works, a key component supplier or involved in the EWI industry in any other way the benefits of membership are substantial.

INCA Membership – What’s In It For You?

So, exactly what is the return on your investment in INCA:

    • INCA have a seat at the table when it comes to policy and legislation relating to your EWI industry. Our voice is heard and respected at the highest levels within Government and key stakeholders. By joining us you too can have your say and help us collate industry data and guide and directly influence policy makers and hence shape the future of our industry.
    • INCA members are recognised for best practice – our technical guidance documents are accepted as the industry standards and so it is YOU, the INCA membership, who don’t just follow the guidance but actually set the standards and publish the supporting documentation for the entire industry to follow.
    • INCA members keep up to date. Our weekly newsletters and social media feeds make sure our members are kept up to date with everything that’s happening within INCA and the world of EWI.
    • INCA members have the opportunity to grow their networks within the industry. You can actively participate in our various steering committees currently focussed on important issues such as training, technical guidance, funding, lobbying, marketing and country specific issues. There’s also regular educational networking events in the form of online member forums and face to face activities, various social events such as golf days and charity functions. And then of course there’s the annual INCA Awards … the highlight of our social calendar where the industry comes together to showcase EWI excellence and promote it across the entire industry.
    • INCA members have access to wide ranging benefits and support – from discounts off the likes of CHAS, BSI publications and health and safety manuals, to free credit reports, technical support, contractual, legal, HR and health and safety advice along with various helplines.
    • INCA members help promote the EWI industry across all sectors of the market. Our active marketing committee are focussed on promoting the INCA membership and the EWI industry as a whole to help generate new opportunities and hence grow your business whichever sectors of the market  your focus may be on.

INCA – Membership Counts

By displaying the INCA member badge you are proudly demonstrating your active support for the EWI industry at the highest level and in setting the highest standards for the rest of the industry to follow. You are showing that you’re not just part of the industry anymore you are a trailblazer who’s helping influence the policy, agree the legislation, resolve the issues, set the standards and shape the industry.

And, by signing up to the INCA code of practice which governs excellence and professionalism across the EWI industry you are setting yourself high above the rest – giving the ultimate assurance and peace of mind to your existing client base and prospective clients alike. You’re showing them that you are proud and actively supportive of everything that’s good about the external wall insulation industry in the UK which means that you’re going to enhance your reputation and grow your business … and that’s priceless!

Your Next Step

What’s the next step? First of all may we thank you for your interest – there’s more information on our website or, if you’ve already done your research and are ready to progress with an application then you can simply fill in the online form and we’ll be in touch to obtain any information we require to progress your application. If you’d like to know a little more then simply drop us an email to info@inca-ltd.org.uk or call for free on 0330 124 6585.