INCA Case Study: Worton Estate Isleworth


Name, City

Project Type: Refurbishment

Building Type: Low Rise, Residential

Architect: N/A

System Designer: Soltherm

Installer: Hamilton

System & Finish: Soltherm Endurance W+ Silicone

U-value Before: 1.46 – 2.09 W/m2k

U-value Achieved: 0.25 – 0.28 W/m2k

In the vibrant community of Hounslow, the groundbreaking Worton Estate energy rejuvenation project by Hounslow Council focused primarily on bringing relief to households burdened by fuel poverty. Through the strategic installation of energy efficiency measures and enhanced thermal performance, we aim to improve the well-being of our residents, building upon the success of our previous Worple Estate project.

The project centered around solid brick and cavity wall semi-detached homes, which were in dire need of a transformative touch. Initially characterised by U-values of 2.06 and 1.49, respectively, we have meticulously installed over 2000m2 of the Soltherm Endurance W+ Silicone system. The results have been truly outstanding, with post-installation U-values of 0.28 and 0.25. This game-changing improvement is made possible by thoughtfully applied insulation thicknesses of 110mm and 140mm.

At Soltherm, we make strategic choices, and the selection of the Soltherm Endurance W+ Silicone system is a testament to our commitment to excellence. This system boasts exceptional impact resistance, surpassing the best-in-class Category I threshold of 10Kj defined by ETAG004, with an impressive 79 joules. Such unmatched performance elevates the system above all others in the industry. Additionally, it offers a minimum effective life of 25 years, aligning with the strict warranty requirements of PAS 2030:2019 and SWIGA standards. This unparalleled solution ensures the very best in the industry.

By partnering with Hamilton and leveraging the power of the Soltherm Endurance W+ Silicone system, we were able to liberate households from fuel poverty, enhance energy efficiency, and improve the lives of countless residents.

One standout feature of this project was our ability to extend energy savings below the damp-proof course (DPC), setting it apart from the rest. By incorporating Soltherm Deco X Mosaic into the system and implementing insulation, we successfully minimised cold bridges below ground. This innovative integration not only ensured maximum energy efficiency, but also provided residents with the peace of mind that their homes were fortified against harsh weather conditions.

Throughout the project, adherence to the highest standards was of utmost importance. All parties involved committed to delivering the system in strict accordance with PAS 2030:2019 and PAS 2035, when applicable. This unwavering dedication to quality was achieved through stringent requirements, further supported by the exceptional technical expertise and supervision provided by the dedicated Soltherm customer service team.

To ensure a comprehensive and meticulous approach, qualified Retrofit Co-ordinator services were provided. This holistic perspective allowed for thoughtful consideration of every aspect and interdependency within the project. From the seamless integration of extensions at the roof eaves to ground-level insulation and improved ventilation, every detail was tailored to meet the unique requirements of the Worton Estate energy rejuvenation project.

The robustness of the system instilled a renewed sense of confidence in residents. They experienced significant thermal efficiencies and fuel bill savings, proving the project’s worth. Hounslow Council once again expressed immense satisfaction as their primary goal of alleviating fuel poverty within their communities was achieved. The Worton Estate energy rejuvenation project stands as a powerful testament to the council’s unwavering commitment to enhancing the lives of their residents through sustainable and impactful initiatives. The homes on the Worton Estate were forever changed, embracing a brighter, more energy-efficient future, thanks to the dedication and vision of Hounslow Council and their trusted partners, Hamilton and Soltherm.

The homes on the Worton Estate were forever changed, embracing a brighter, more energy-efficient future, thanks to the dedication and vision of Hounslow Council and their trusted partners, Hamilton and Soltherm.


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