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INCA Case Study: Thackeray Gardens, Liverpool


Thackeray Gardens, Liverpool

Project Type: Refurbishment

Building Type: Low Rise, Residential

Architect: One Vision Housing

System Designer: K Systems

Installer: EcoGee

System & Finish: K Systems M Silicone finish

U-value Achieved: 0.3 W/m2k

Thackeray Gardens was a set of four, three-storey flats situated in Bootle, Merseyside, which were in serious need of an extreme transformation and refurbishment both inside and out.

Prominently located within a residential estate, the building should have been an attractive living option in Liverpool but instead was unappealing to potential residents, an eyesore for surrounding neighbours, and in desperate need of modernisation.

The flats were also well below-par in terms of thermal performance rating making it extremely difficult and expensive for tenants to heat their flats, as well as being prone to damp and cold-bridging issues due to unusually high DPC (Damp Proof Course) detailing.

One Vision Housing chose K Systems to work on this project due to its industry leading knowledge and long-standing reputation for delivering superior quality builds across the UK. The main project requirements were to:

  • Significantly improve thermal comfort for residents
  • Achieve an A1 insulation non-combustible fire rating
  • Deliver a modern, clean, crisp, smooth exterior finish
  • Complete a refurbishment to PAS2035 standards

K Systems teamed up with One Vision Housing, Sorvini, and EcoGee to tackle the immense refurbishment of the four residential flat blocks and transform them from run-down residence to in-demand dwellings.

Solution, Specification, Challenges and Results:

After a comprehensive scoping process taking into consideration client requirements, project objectives, budgets and timeframes, K Systems put forward the industry-proven Mineral Wool insulation system for the project to address the aged façade and significantly boost thermal performance of the building.

K Systems Mineral Wool insulation (a mat of rock fibres which prevents the movement of air) has an industry-leading ability to generate exceptional thermal performance. That made it the perfect choice for the Thackeray Gardens refurbishment as it would combat the heating issues faced by residents whilst retaining the solid foundations of the existing building.

Other technical benefits which made the K Systems 110mm Mineral Wool system the ideal specification for this refurbishment include:

  • its level of fire resistance and non-combustibility, an A1 insulation rating, ensuring the building met all safety regulations required for residential buildings in England
  • its excellent acoustic properties
  • its environmentally friendly composition as it is free from gases with ODP (ozone depletion properties) or GWP (global warming potential)

During the project scoping process, unusually high DPC (Damp Proof Course) detailing was discovered, up to 1.5m in some places which made the building extremely susceptible to cold-bridging issues which resulted in damp and mould in many of the individual residences.

K Systems eradicated that issue during the refurbishment process by utilising XPS (extruded polystyrene) insulation where necessary – a rigid foam providing a strong, yet lightweight and flexible insulation solution that is extremely resistant to water absorption.

The inclusion of XPS insulation in this project also helped K Systems complete the refurbishment to PAS2035 standards – a specific requirement by One Vision Housing and the rest of the project team.

Due to its original composition of masonry brick walls and concrete balconies, the Thackeray Gardens refurbishment required K Systems to deliver some bespoke and intricate technical detailing to address abutment issues, including interface detailing with a new gable roof system.

This attention to detail by K Systems ensured the long-term performance of the new roof system, reducing the need for further building work in the future that would incur disruption to residents and greater investment by the main contractor.

In order to meet the specific requirements of One Vision Housing to deliver a refurbishment project to PAS2035 standards, K Systems proactively and continuously engaged with PAS2025 assessors and co-ordinators throughout all works, providing full visibility and transparency as well as implementing any feedback and industry bets practice guidance provided.

These liaisons, including discussion around ventilation and heating controls, helped ensure K Systems completed a fully compliant install of the EWI.

Thackeray Gardens was finished with a Silicone Thin Render, extremely breathable and resistant to the elements, in shades cream and terracotta, bespoke colours to match the client’s needs. This completely transformed the aesthetic of the residential blocks making them much more appealing to potential dwellers and pleasing to the residents living in the surrounding housing estates.

Completed Project:

Thackeray Gardens is a prime example of K Systems’ ability to go above and beyond for its clients and deliver a market-leading refurbishment of a multi-site residential project, on time and to budget.

Having received the K Systems treatment in 2023, Thackeray Gardens was transformed from a dull, weather-beaten eyesore in Bootle with an extremely poor thermal performance to modern, fit-for-purpose flats with a significantly improved U-value rating of 0.3 W/m2K from 2.13/m2K, the highest standard fire safety rating, and an enhanced exterior finish.


“Delivery of the project required teams to work seamlessly together to deliver the scheme to PAS2035 standards. That’s exactly what we had with K Systems, Ecogee and Sorvini on the Thackary Gardens project. The team’s innate understanding of pairing systems with finishes for optimal performance is second to none and together we delivered a successful refurbishment.”

Brendan Helm, Managing Director, EcoGee

Delivery of the project required teams to work seamlessly together to deliver the scheme to PAS2035 standards. That’s exactly what we had with K Systems, Ecogee and Sorvini on the Thackary Gardens project

Brendan Helm

Managing Director, EcoGee

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