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INCA Case Study: Solent, Norbury, London


Solent, Norbury, London

Project Type: Refurbishment

Building Type: High Rise, Residential

Architect: N/A

System Designer: Soltherm

Installer: Guildmore

System & Finish: Soltherm Ultimate HD Silicone (steel)

U-value Before: 1.32/1.04 W/m2k

U-value Achieved: 0.26 W/m2k

Feedback GH Property Management – Customer

It has been a pleasure working with Guildmore, the high levels of communication we had throughout the project was helpful in ensuring that everything ran smoothly. Guildmore went the extra mile to ensure any potential concerns were resolved efficiently and explaining things in a way that was easy for all to understand. 

This demonstrates the ethos that Soltherm look for in partnership working, the industry is primed for change and with the multiple channels we have of making a difference not only to the safety of buildings but the atheistic and efficiency is something that we are proud of. Innovation is key to making a change in the industry and this is a prime example of how this can be done successfully.

Guildmore and Soltherm embarked on a mission to create a thermally efficient façade that honoured the original charm. 1258 London Road, Norbury SW16 4EZ was transformed from a commercial building to residential units in the 70s, this former office building presents a unique opportunity to invest in an exceptional property. With a recent focus on safety regulations following the Grenfell Tower incident, our team recognises the importance of ensuring compliance without sacrificing the original aesthetic.

In response to this challenge, we have developed an innovative EWI system that addresses the thermal performance concerns while prioritising fire safety. Unlike the previous non-compliant polystyrene-based solution, our solution aligns seamlessly with current building regulations and mitigates any potential risks.

The strip and reclad project that was undertaken intricately preserves the building’s original charm, incorporating all 452 unique window pods that have been expertly resprayed. Our engineering expertise ensures that the substructure, consisting of Bison concrete panel, lightweight steel frame, and timber frame materials, is meticulously accounted for.

To manage potential condensation risks, we have implemented specially designed weather detailing, protecting the building from water ingress and maintaining the integrity of the structure. Collaboration with our team of skilled engineers has resulted in the introduction of strategically placed spandrel panels, enhancing the overall safety and functionality of the facade.

By choosing our comprehensive EWI system safety and style seamlessly collide, you can confidently invest in a property that not only meets all current building regulations but also maintains the original aesthetic appeal. Our commitment to meticulous attention to detail and innovative engineering solutions sets us apart, guaranteeing a final result that surpasses expectations.

Experience a truly technically challenging project like no other. Our non-combustible system seamlessly interfaces with cavity wall construction on ground level and even insulates the car park soffit. With a full system movement joint expertly incorporated around the building’s perimeter, we’ve overcome numerous technical obstacles with finesse.

For complete peace of mind, our Ultimate Steel system stands out as the only one in the industry certified for use on both steel and masonry substrates. It fully complies with Building Regulations, particularly Approved Document B. No other system offers such versatility in substrate application.

Covering an impressive 2800m2, our 70&100mm EWI solution has dramatically improved the thermal efficiency of this property. U-values have plummeted from 1.32/1.04 to an incredible 0.26. The residents can be ready to experience a level of comfort like never before with our thermally upgraded solution. Our EWI system is a perfect fusion of compliance and aesthetics.

Our partnership with Guildmore has allowed us to prioritise design from the early stages of this strip and reclad project. Immaculate colour matching and meticulous attention to the unique detailing of the pods ensure a flawless result that will have heads turning in admiration.

Guildmore went the extra mile to ensure any potential concerns were resolved efficiently and explaining things in a way that was easy for all to understand. 

GH Property Management

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