INCA EWI Case Study: Northway and Hodder, Fleetwood


Northway and Hodder, Fleetwood

External Wall Insulation Case Study

Project Type: Refurbishment

Building Type: Residential – Low Rise

System Designer: Alsecco

Installer: M&Y Maintenance

System & Finish: Alsecco Ecomin 300 System

Render Finish + Lightweight Brick Slip Detailing

U-value Achieved: 0.03

Alsecco continues to supply M&Y Maintenance with materials for the ongoing refurbishment of Regenda’s housing stock in Fleetwood Lancashire. This particular phase of the 5 year regeneration project are the houses and elderly assisted living blocks in the Northway area of Fleetwood.

These particular properties are a combination of Victorian brick solid wall, or cavity wall construction where the cavity insulation has been removed and the voids remedied before Alsecco’s Ecomin 300 external wall insulation system is installed. The Ecomin 300 EWI system incorporates mineral wool insulation and a rendered facade finish to provide a high level of reinforcement, together with a greater degree of impact resistance.

  • Fire Classification (European BS EN) : A
  • Material : Mineral Wool
  • Thickness : 300 mm
  • Thermal Conductivity : 0.04 W/mK

Particular challenges of the installation included significant care in detailing to avoid cold bridging, including the installation of the EWI systems below dpc levels. By use of Alsecco’s lightweight Meldorfer brick slips to complement the crisp render finishes, the finished facades match the local vernacular of render and brick found throughout the region.

M&Y Maintenance have completed over 500 properties since the scheme began and their renewal programme includes windows, doors and new roofs alongside the successful external wall insulation packages.

It remains a really successfully delivered programme that is delivering regeneration to the area and significant bill savings and comfort to the residents.

A stunning transformation from old, dated properties into modern, energy efficient homes that the residents can be proud of

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