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INCA Case Study: North Lanarkshire Council MTC


North Lanarkshire Council MTC

​Project Type: Refurbishment

Building Type: Low Rise, Residential

Architect: N/A

System Designer: Structherm Ltd

Installer: Procast

System & Finish: Grade 70E Fire Retardant Enhanced EPS + Structherm dash

U-value Achieved: 0.17 w/m2k

North Lanarkshire Council – MTC Energy Efficiency Works Framework

Procast have been delivering these works to NLC since 2017 and due to their high quality standards and performance, have been re-awarded the contract early in 2022. They are delivering the services to multi residential houses and flats concurrently on this contract. Locations have included both rural/remote and built up areas.

It consists of the delivery of energy efficiency works to residential properties to meet and exceed, the standards required of current housing legislation in relation to PAS 2035, Energy Efficiency Standards for Social Housing (EESSH), Scottish Housing Quality Standard (SHQS) and the Scottish Social Housing Charter.

The scope of works include:

• Installation of External Wall insulation systems in accordance with PAS2035/Retrofit standards
• Extract and refill all cavities where applicable
• Installation of renewable technologies i.e. Solar PV, ASHP, Battery Storage (We are Tesla accredited)
• Pre-construction checks (PIBI) energy efficiency measure (EEM) design including U Value, Condensation Risk Analysis SERs to obtain statutory approval
• Draught proofing of doors and windows
• Multi trades enabling works for altering and making good any affected services during and after any insulation works are carried out including realignment of antennae/satellite dishes
• Overflow pipes, pressure relief valves and external taps extended to suit new system
• Pre mid/post CP12s including alterations to gas flues/associated pipework & ventilation
• Pre and post thermal imaging analysis to demonstrate quality
• Issuing GDGC and Systems manufacturers guarantees pre/post EPCs & Thermal Imaging
• Installations audited/monitored independently by OFGEM/BEIS accredited auditors ‘THS’

Complying with context, scale, complexity

The delivery model of these ‘future proofing’ improvement works are being delivered according to the guidelines and standards of:

• PAS 2035/Retrofit Certified Energy Efficiency Measures Installer
• Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS)
• Energy Efficiency Association (EEA)
• Trustmark – Government Endorsed Quality
• Renewable Energy Consumer Code (RECC)
• GDGC – Insurance Backed Guarantees
• Insulated Render and Cladding Association (INCA)
• National Insulation Association (NIA)
• Solid Wall Insulation Guarantee Agency (SWIGA)
• Cavity Wall Insulation Guarantee Agency (CIGA)
• Wall Tie Installers Federation (WTIF)
• Confederation of Roofing Contractors (CORC)
• National Federation of Roofing Contractors (NFRC)
• Liquid Roofing and Waterproofing Association (LRWA)

Procast have delivered as Principal Contractor energy efficiency measures to over 1800 contractual units together with 501 self-generated and self-funded units. In total, Procast have saved in excess of 23m life time savings with contractually 18m LTS and an additional 5m LTS out with the contract lifetime savings of carbon to domestic bill payers, this has a positive impact both socially as we are helping residents save money and environmentally as we are lowering carbon emissions.

A large proportion of these works were deemed to be ‘hard to treat’ due to their construction, non-standard timber cross-walls, non-compliant insulation and non-traditional housing stock. NLC had been unsuccessful with previous insulation installers in addressing these ‘hard to treat’ properties.

Working closely and collaboratively with Structherm we were able to overcome any technical issues to ensure a smooth install for the tenants and client. Throughout the project we were faced with numerous house construction types and were able to act quickly to develop innovative techniques and finishes.

Many properties were in a bad thermal condition with no central heating, damp and cold, and many units were timber framed with no insulation installed.

Some of these works were subject to Scottish Government funding (HEEPS: ABS) and Procast was responsible for identifying and securing the participation of private owners and subsequent agreements to project works. LA Flex and HHCRO was also utilised.

Procast secured the maximum funding available and most advantageous ECO funding, whilst negotiated the best rate possible for monetary savings per carbon tonne for lifetime savings with Energy Providers. This rate determined the amount of ECO funding that a property was eligible to claim (based on deemed scores) carried out.

Procast applied the ECO funding and discounted that amount from their applications for payment/invoices submitted to NLC, with a breakdown of the funding claimed to provide transparency of funding.

Over and above our contracted works, Procast have worked with NLC to implement a wider programme where they generated all the investment to offer softer insulation measures free of charge to all NLC residents to help tackle fuel poverty. This project has been in operation since January and we have already delivered measures to over 500 homes.

Through positive engagement with all residents (tenants and homeowners) Procast achieved a 100% sign up for the upgrading of their houses with the installation of effective, modern and safe compliant insulation.

This exciting project has been delivered within programme and budget, whilst meeting quality standards and specifications much to North Lanarkshire Council’s satisfaction


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