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INCA Case Study: Moorcot Court, Wythenshawe


Moorcot Court, Wythenshawe

Project Type: Refurbishment

Building Type: High Rise, Residential

Architect: Arcus Consulting

System Designer: K Systems

Installer: BYCS

System & Finish: K Systems M Silicone finish

U-value Achieved: 0.3 W/m2k

In 2022, Moorcot Court, a nine-storey residential tower block in Wythenshawe, was flagged by Wythenshawe Housing Trust as a possible risk property as it was constructed with an EWI system that was no longer compliant with safety regulations (introduced after the tragic Grenfell tragedy) across the UK for high rise building over 18 metres.

Not only was it a fire hazard, but the building was underperforming in terms of thermal quality and the façade was aged due to exposure to the temperamental north-west weather conditions over the years.

Wysthenshawe Housing Trust chose K Systems to work on this high rise refurbishment project due to its industry leading knowledge and long-standing reputation for delivering superior quality builds across the UK, including some already award-winning transformations in other areas of Manchester.

The main project requirements for Moorcot Court were:

  • Remove non-compliant EWI and replace with a government approved EWI system
  • Improve thermal comfort for residents

An additional requirement for this project was around the finish of the nine-storey property. Wythenshawe Housing Trust specifically requested a unique modern aesthetic for the block that would significantly upgrade its appearance.

K Systems teamed up with Arcus Consulting, Connolly Building Contractors, and BYCS to deliver this project in the northwest of England, transforming Moorcot Court from drab and potentially dangerous, to stunning and safe.

Solution, Specification, Challenges and Results:

After a comprehensive scoping process taking into consideration client requirements, project objectives, budgets and timeframes, K Systems specified the industry-proven Mineral Wool insulation system for the project to address the safety concerns, dated façade, and significantly boost thermal performance of the building.

K Systems Mineral Wool insulation (a mat of rock fibres which prevents the movement of air) has an industry-leading ability to generate exceptional thermal performance. That made it the perfect choice for the Moorcot Court refurbishment as it would address one of the key requirements stated at project initiation by Wythenshawe Housing Trust.

Other technical benefits which made the K Systems 110mm Mineral Wool system the ideal specification for this refurbishment include:

  • its level of fire resistance and non-combustibility, an A1 insulation rating, ensuring the building met all safety regulations required for residential buildings in England over 18 metres and the specific requirements of Wythenshawe Housing Trust
  • its excellent acoustic properties
  • its environmentally friendly composition as it is free from gases with ODP (ozone depletion properties) or GWP (global warming potential) – the perfect match for the Wythenshawe area which is considered one of the greenest parts of Greater Manchester

Having removed the existing non-compliant EWI & replaced with the new, superior quality EWI system, K Systems focus then turned to the finish of the building.

K Systems has a longstanding reputation for innovation in the industry so whilst Wythenshawe Housing Trust’s request for a unique exterior was a challenge, it was one K Systems was perfectly equipped to meet, and a distinctive ‘chessboard’ effect was proposed.

Chessboard effect approved, Moorcot Court was finished with a silicone render, which is extremely breathable and resistant to the elements – ideal for Greater Manchester which can be quite wet and windy for large parts of the year.

This completely transformed the aesthetic of the residential block making it much more appealing to potential dwellers and eye-catching to passers-by.

Completed Project:

The transformation of Moorcot Court is a prime example of K Systems’ innovative and creative approach in the industry without compromising on safety or quality.

Having received the K Systems treatment in November 2022, Moorcot Court was transformed from an unsafe tower block with an extremely poor thermal performance to a safe haven which is modern, fit-for-purpose, has a significantly improved U-value rating of 0.3 W/m2k from 2.10 W/m2k, the highest standard fire safety rating, and an enhanced exterior finish completely distinctive from any other property in the area.


 “Delivery of the project required teams to work efficiently together to remove the existing cladding and install upgraded external wall insulation. In particular, the installation of the patterned silicone render finish. Arcus, Connolly and K Systems ensured the high-rise specification and site monitoring were successfully completed. The team’s technical understanding of combining systems with finishes delivered a successful transformation of Moorcot Court to PAS2035 standards.”

Tim Norbury, Arcus Consulting

Arcus, Connolly and K Systems ensured the high-rise specification and site monitoring were successfully completed. The team’s technical understanding of combining systems with finishes delivered a successful transformation of Moorcot Court to PAS2035 standards

Tim Norbury

Arcus Consulting

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