INCA Case Study: Dishlandtown Road, Arbroath


Dishlandtown Road, Arbroath

​Project Type: Refurbishment

Building Type: High Rise, Residential

Architect: N/A

System Designer: SPS Envirowall

Installer: SERS

System & Finish: SPS Wall System 2 + Silicone & Dash

U-value Before: 1.44 W/m2k

U-value Achieved: 0.30 W/m2k

As part of Angus Council’s Housing stock refurbishment program, the low rise ‘Wimpey No Fines’ blocks of flats on Dishlandtown Street were earmarked for EWI installation. The blocks had a number of design features which were required to be replicated while providing the necessary enhancement in terms of both thermal performance and protection of the underlying substrate. SERS Scotland were appointed as installer, selecting SPS Envirowall’s WS2 EWI system.

Specific design, technical challenges overcome

The WS2 specification comprised mechanically fixed enhanced expanded polystyrene (EPS) insulation boards with a glassfibre reinforcing mesh and render and dash finishes.

The project was technically challenging, calling for a number of bespoke details. As can be seen from the pictures, exposed masonry banding was prevalent on all floors, creating a distinctive visual effect. The client requested that the banding effect be retained in the refurbished facade.  Working closely with SERS Scotland, SPS Envirowall produced bespoke topcoat colours at its manufacturing facility, matching the client’s requirements.

Original detailing at main door entry, incorporating a stone engraved construction date, Art Deco style step detailing and parapet walls at octagonal bay window elevations, were also to be maintained. Working with SERS Scotland, SPS Envirowall’s technical team developed solutions to incorporate and maintain the detailing whilst providing abutment solutions, ensuring that the EWI system would be finished in accordance with the specification requirements. Further, several ground level flat roof sections required bespoke detailing for the system to incorporate correct termination of the system while providing suitable access for future maintenance programs.

Installation details, including challenges on site

Undertaking a project of this scale in Arbroath presented the installation team with some unique challenges that required innovative solutions and adaptability. The obstacles that were overcome during the installation process included

Adverse weather – the East Coast’s unpredictable weather posed a significant challenge throughout the project. The project team devised strategies to work around inclement weather, minimising disruption to the construction schedule and maintaining the highest quality standards.

Architectural variations – the distinct architectural characteristics of the Dishlandtown housing units required a customised installation approach. Collaboration between the experienced SPS Envirowall site support team demonstrated their versatility by seamlessly adapting the EWI system to suit the unique characteristics of the properties.

Resident engagement and cooperation – as the refurbishment work was carried out on occupied properties, ensuring minimal inconvenience to residents was paramount. Clear communication channels were established at the outset, actively engaging with residents and addressing their concerns promptly, fostering positive relationships throughout the project.

Thermal performance enhancement

The buildings originally had a U Value of 1.44 W/(M2K). Following the SERS refurbishment the thermal performance of the buildings was brought up to 0.30 W/(M2K).

Contributory factors such as design, location and aesthetics which make it a ‘stand-out’ project

Design – bespoke detailing allowed for a sympathetic design to be produced which maintained the character and identity of the original building, with a number of historical features, whilst providing a fresh updated façade and thermal performance benefits to the owner and occupiers.

Location and aesthetics  – Dishlandtown Street has multiple mixed units and residential accommodation combining traditional sandstone, local stone and dash properties. The project provides a fresh aesthetic to the flats but takes into consideration the immediate built environment through maintenance of original features and incorporation of bespoke topcoat colours which complement adjacent buildings.    

The project provides a fresh aesthetic to the flats but takes into consideration the immediate built environment through maintenance of original features and incorporation of bespoke topcoat colours which complement adjacent buildings

SPS Envirowall

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