INCA Case Study: Colliers Way, Penlan,  Swansea


Colliers Way, Penlan

​Project Type: New Build

Building Type: Low Rise, Residential

Architect: N/A

System Designer: Sika UK Ltd

Installer: City and County of Swansea

System & Finish: Render to carrier board

U-value Achieved: 0.18 w/m2k

This project was carried out for Swansea Council. Whilst Swansea Council have thousands of existing housing stock they are also very active in building new homes for their residents. These homes tend to be very eco-friendly and this particular group of homes also has solar PV panels installed.

The Sika system is Swansea Councils preferred system. Whilst many of the existing housing stock have been upgraded with Sika’s EWI system being the system of choice, on this occasion due to the new-build nature of the project, it was decided that the insulation within the timber frame would provide the requisite thermal performance. Swansea is very much a coastal town, with beautiful views, however in stormy weather, salt driven spray is going to be problematic. These homes are built on the top of a hill, which is exposed on all sides. This site is very much open to the elements, furthermore the homes are within the NHBC category ‘Very Severe’ for Wind Driven Rain Index.

The choice of Sika for their render system is partly due to the very severe exposure rating of the project. Swansea Council are very much aware of the considerations that such a high level of exposure demands and therefore, they engaged Sika to discuss the options for a suitably robust render finish. After many discussions, the Sika scratch render system was specified, as this is best suited for such an exposure rating. This render only system was applied to render carrier boards, which were installed onto the timber frame.

Due to the exposure rating it was necessary to install the render to a thickness of 20mm, as opposed to the more usually specified 15mm. This is because of the extensive testing which Sika has undertaken has proven. The results of this testing shows that utilising a thickness of 20mm thickness for the scratch render, will provide optimum protection from the elements.

In order to create contrast and add another palette of material, these homes were partly clad with timber boarding and there were large areas which were rendered. Due to the location of the site, the detailing requirements of the project were of importance. Any weaknesses within the sealing, abutments and terminations of the render system could provide an inlet for water, from the severe exposure that the site is recognised as being subjected to.

We are delighted with the appearance of these very modern and very high specification homes.

Swansea Council

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