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INCA Case Study: Bungalow Recladding, Dunlop, East Ayrshire​


Bungalow Recladding, East Ayrshire

Project Type: Refurbishment

Building Type: Residential, Low Rise

Architect: N/A

System Designer: SPSenvirowall

Installer: HLS McConnell

System & Finish: SPSenvirowall TS Rail + Dash and Silicone

U-value Achieved: EPC Band B (from D)

Situated in south west Scotland, the administrative area covered by East Ayrshire Council is approximately 490 square miles with a diverse population of 122,440 spread over both urban and rural communities. Kilmarnock is the largest town, with a population of around 44,000. The rest of the population live in smaller communities, ranging from less than a hundred people in some villages and rural areas to around 9,000 in Cumnock, the second largest town.

The Energy Agency were appointed by East Ayrshire Council  to oversee the reduction of energy consumption and promote sustainability with the area.

One of its initiatives was the refurbishment of 16 timber clad bungalows and semi-detached properties. The contractor on this project was HLS McConnell, a specialist provider of refurbishment, modernisation and planned maintenance services to buildings and facilities. Their in-house cladding division concentrated on the design and installation of the cladding and sheeting systems, to replace the aged and inefficient timber cladding.

The project was located in Dunlop Village, to the north of Kilmarnock and was focused on improving the energy efficiency of the 16 dwellings.

The contractor was tasked with the design and retrofitting of an energy efficient external cladding and insulation system with the ambition of improving the energy performance certification (EPC) of the bungalows from Band D to B.

HLSMcConnell turned to SPSEnvirowall Ltd for a targeted combination of its products from its broad EWI portfolio which, when combined, would improve the energy efficiency rating. These products included:

Product DescriptionFire ClassificationCertification, Approvals, Testing
  TS Rail Cladding SystemA pre-engineered insulation board that sits within a PVC rail framework mechanically fixed to a sheathing board which provides a drainage cavity behind the insulation system.BBBA
  Y Wall external sheathing boardHigh-quality flexible calcium silicate cement based building board. Offers excellent fire properties as well as high levels of dimensional stability.A1BBA
  Renderflex render carrier boardA high-performance cellulose fibre cement building board, offering excellent strength, weathering and stability properties when used in conjunction with polymer renders.A2BBA
  Silicone renderThe renders’ acrylic base with silicone enhanced additives gives it the flexibility and extensive colour choice of acrylic with the water repellency and enhanced cleansing properties of silicone.N/AN/A
  Dash finishEnviroDash is a high polymer modified through colour dashing receiver which is available in an extensive range of colours which work in conjunction with an appropriate range of dashing aggregates.N/AN/A

The SPSEnvirowall products, when combined in this targeted package, acted together to both improve the energy efficiency of the homes and the aesthetics of the bungalows.

SPSEnvirowall has considerable experience of regenerating residential, commercial and industrial buildings by replacing or over-cladding them with fully certified cladding systems that improve thermal performance, weatherproofing and aesthetics.

The SPSEnvirowall products, when combined in this targeted package, acted together to both improve the energy efficiency of the homes and the aesthetics of the bungalows.


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