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Each year INCA, the Insulated Render and Cladding Association choose a recognised charity to support and, during 2023, that chosen charity will be the British Heart Foundation.

Every year the British Heart Foundation fund around £100 million of research into all heart and circulatory diseases and the things that cause them. Heart diseases. Stroke. Vascular dementia. Diabetes … they’re all connected, and they’re all under the BHF microscope. Their vision “a world free from the fear of heart and circulatory diseases. A world without heartbreak”.

Throughout 2023 INCA will be raising money for this worthy cause at various events including the golf days, networking events (to be announced shortly), specific fundraising efforts and, of course at the INCA awards ceremony itself. But we’re not just looking to raise money, we’re looking to raise awareness too. Awareness that may result in someone checking their own heart health and ultimately saving a life.

We’ve pretty much all been affected by heart disease in some way – yourself, a family member or a friend. It’s also affected so many colleagues from across the industry – colleague’s which include INCA’s own Company Secretary who survived a heart attack some years ago (he’s promised to share his own story later).

In spite of this it’s often so avoidable yet how many of us actively check our cholesterol, monitor our blood pressure or check out what could be tell tale symptoms. Even many of the smart watches and fitness trackers can run a medical grade ECG to order or constantly monitor signs of atrial fibrillation. Some 7.6 million people are living with a heart or circulatory disease in the UK right now – most of who don’t know it. That’s why prevention is always better than cure and simple checks can prevent something sinister and life threatening and so if our efforts can inspire you to stay heart healthy then it’s a job well done.

Some key facts from the BHF:

Download the British Heart Foundation factsheet – it’s a real eye opener!

So that’s why INCA are proud to be supporting the British Heart Foundation in 2023. We will shortly be setting up a JustGiving page to run until the year end and setting ourselves a fundraising target. We’ve already got a Midlands golf day in the diary (did you know the golf course is one of the most common places to have a heart attack? … but don’t let that stop you joining us!) but we will also be announcing a number of events North of the border, and throughout England and Wales shortly. You can also expect more campaign awareness on our website and social media channels over the course of the year.

We hope that you will all support us to raise money and awareness for such a worthy cause and thank you in advance.