We are pleased to announce that they are happening but due to a new set of social distancing criteria, this year only, will be totally different. We are looking to provide a lunch time Hybrid / Virtual awards Ceremony, hosted within a conference facility, broadcast live onto a hosted and secure webpage with access to INCA member invitees only.

It is our intention to have live reaction from the winning organization back to the room, relayed onto to the broadcast to create some excitement and atmosphere. We are hoping the member companies will provide food at the remote locations as there will be at the venue itself to make it feel like an actual fully participated event.

To give the ceremony pizazz we will be providing a “real” conference background complete with star cloth, projection screen, lectern, and effective lighting. The current climate is one that is unprecedented, and we are facing a lot of unknowns. We know what we would like to achieve at this year’s ceremony but due to it being ever moving must remain flexible in our approach to be able to alter and change plans accordingly.

To enter this year’s virtual awards, please call INCA or email info@inca-ltd-org.uk to obtain the Awards Entry Form, Guide and Top Tips, which will assist you with your submission(s).