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Whilst sustainability has been a featured word for the past two decades, it is only in recent times that we have been brave enough to say out loud that sustainability is quite literally, survival.

We all make ever growing commitments to less carbon intrusive technologies and techniques, however whilst doing so in the intermediate, unanticipated and in some instances unprecedented challenges befall us.

We find ourselves adapting to survive the nuances of Brexit, ever changing legislation with regard to the Green Homes Grant Scheme, fire regulations and the health challenges of Covid 19 in all its variables. We have already demonstrated that, in the main, we have the resilience and adaptability to survive and in most instances to excel during these difficult times.

With the commitment to the technology, could the real challenge to sustainability of our niche be humanity. The lack of humans coming into the External Wall industry to learn the trades and to install the systems. We are losing great volume of existing resources, who are returning to their places of birth and, rightly or otherwise, Mr. Johnson and Co are further tightening immigration constraints.

I say its time to feed our offspring. Focus on the youth and demonstrate to them the benefits and possibilities of the external wall insulation industry. To that end, the INCA Training committee, under the stewardship of Robbie Stevenson, are developing initiatives to do just that. Large undertaking, huge requirement and our full support.

Marcus Alcindor

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