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PAS 2030:2017 has now been published with the expectation that installers claiming compliance, including for sub-contracted work, will implement it from 1 April 2017 and meet it by 31 May 2017.

  • A complete pre-design Building Survey must have been undertaken by a competent person prior to the design being undertaken
  • A Pre-Installation Building Inspection should be undertaken in accordance with a standard insulation sector check list
  • Reference should be made to best practice in relation to cold-bridging 
  • Reference should also be made to guidance on installing EWI in relation to fuel burning appliances
  • Competency ratios specify that there should not be less than one carded operative per team of 4 at the specified installation location at any time per site.

PAS 2030 has also been published which includes inspection rates for EWI of 7%, reducing to 4% after two years of no issues.