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INCA EWI Case Study: Stonecrop House, 5A Top Wing, Leicester


Stonecrop House, Leicester

External Wall Insulation Case Study

Project Type: Refurbishment

Building Type: Domestic Residential

Architect: Featherstone Young

System Designer: Dryvit UK Ltd

Installer: Weatherseal Facades Ltd

System & Finish: Dryvit UK Reyvivit EWI System

EPS + Dryvit Proven Mildew Resistant (PMR) Sandblast Finish

Weatherlastic elastomeric coating

Weatherseal Facades and Dryvit UK were employed for remedial work to existing render and full EWI refurbishment of Stonecrop House, an impressive, one of a kind, architecturally designed residential property sitting on the edge of a Leicestershire village designated as a conservation area. The site was extremely exposed and the work required was extensive due to this along with problems stemming from the initial historical application of the render further complicated by previous attempts to remedy the defects.

Both Weatherseal and Dryvit supported the client to identify all the issues by means of full assessment and close inspection of the existing tired façade. They continued to work together to review, assess and develop a complete scope of works to bring back the clients home back to its former glory.

Because of an additional existing problem and ongoing concernes, Dryvit Proven Mildew Resistant (PMR) Sandblast Finish and Weatherlastic elastomeric coating on the sloped surfaces was specified and installed on the project. Dryvit PMR technology is designed to inhibit the growth of mildew in difficult mould and mildew-prone environments which was of particular concern. These 100% acrylic finishes incorporate state of the art chemistry developed to keep buildings mildew free longer.

Weatherlastic Smooth through colour finish is a water- based elastomeric wall coating which was applied with an airless spray and roller. Its 100% acrylic, copolymer elastomeric resin provided excellent elongation and flexibility at low temperatures to resist cracking and further protect from mildew growth and dirt pickup.

The quality of workmanship and attention to detailing delivered a successful install to this contemporary home with the result being a stunning return to the former glory of the property and long lasting furture protection against natural elements.

The work was performed efficiently and effectively and to schedule. It has been a pleasure working with Weatherseal Facades and the Dryvit team, and I cannot recommend them enough.

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