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INCA Case Study: Lord Street and Bishop Street, Mansfield


Lord & Bishop Street

Project Type: Refurbishment

Building Type: Low Rise, Residential

Architect: N/A

System Designer: Permarock

Installer: Westville

System & Finish: Permarock EWI + Silicone 1.5mm render & dash finish

U-value Achieved: 0.29 W/m2k


In October 2020, Mansfield District Council allowed £508,000 of funding to go into the Green Homes Grant Scheme and as a result, External Wall Insulation improvements were offered to inhabitants of both Lord Street and Bishops Street, Mansfield’s cheapest streets for house price. The grant on offer to residents helped secure the funding needed for the insulation improvements that Westville had been appointed to carry out.

The work and the challenges.

Following the appointment of Westville, work commenced with the scaffolding first erected in November 2020. The scope of the project involved applying Permarock 90mm eps and finishing the houses with a 1.5mm textured finish to over 42 properties of all shapes and sizes. Working during the terrible winter weather with no place for parking on the narrow streets, Westville decided to set up the compound in a local car park around the corner to alleviate traffic and dirt issues.

The entire project was implemented following rigorous Covid procedures to protect both staff working on-site and to residents of the entire area, with Westville having to display proper protocols and care to gain the trust of working inside people’s homes over the uncertain winter period. When word spread of our team’s professionalism, it became easier to progress on our work in often tight areas.


After completion of the project in August 2021, the initial goal of helping residents move out of the fuel poverty cycle has been a resounding success! Residents of both Lord Street & Bishop Street have commented just how easy it is to heat their homes and keep them heated.

Another positive remark from the locals was that thanks to the combination of the quality of the work from Westville and the finish from the selected products, the visuals of the area has improved dramatically – the area once again becoming a visually appealing.

Total estimated energy bill savings could be in the region of £300 per household.

Westville Group

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