Vision for the EWI Industry

INCA Chairman, Mitch Gee (SPSenvirowall)

External wall insulation is on the edge of a revolution. It has already become the ‘go to’ cladding for cost-effective decorative finishes for housing, schools and hospitals. But for the retrofit market we have only just scratched the surface of the millions of solid wall properties that require insulation. Once it has been determined how this essential work will be paid for, the demand for our products and skills will be unprecedented. But we cannot rest on our laurels. We need to be ready to deliver high quality systems and apply them to the highest standards, and delivering quality is at the heart of everything INCA does.

We also need to work hard to develop markets that are not reliant on grant funding. We offer so much. High levels of insulation for passive houses and systems that can perform for 60 years or more. We can completely transform the appearance of a house or whole housing estate and improve lives of the communities that live in them.

I do not know of another home improvement product that can offer so much. What we provide not only forms the very basics of modern life, a warm, dry, comfortable home, but also meets the aspirations of a home owner looking to make a statement in their own grand design for their house.

Just INCAse you’re not convinced, watch this space…