Introducing Mitch Gee, INCA Executive Chairman

INCA Executive Chairman, Mitch Gee

INCA Executive Chairman, Mitch Gee

Why INCA, why now?

I have recently taken on the role of INCA Executive Chairman. I will be working for you – our members, to deliver our vision and strategy over the coming months. In practice that means engaging current members, recruiting new members and engaging with our myriad stakeholders. It also means doing what we do so well around provision of technical support, sharing best practice, and further raising the profile of INCA – as the body that upholds standards in EWI.

In 2016, I wrote the blog post, ‘Vision for the EWI Industry’ and said that “quality had to be at the heart of everything we do in the External Wall Insulation sector.” Eighteen months on, the same is true, now more than ever. We are in a place of opportunity, where decisive leadership and proper representation are key to our success. INCA is ready and able to provide this to its members.

The EWI sector faces unprecedented challenges. We, in construction owe it to the people who lost their lives in the Grenfell tragedy to learn the lessons of what went wrong, and to evolve our practice to ensure that we uphold the strictest safety standards. And beyond that, as INCA members we must ensure our voice is heard in promoting EWI, and utilise the huge benefits that we can offer our clients.

There is no denying that this is a challenging time for INCA and its members, but there is undoubtedly huge opportunity. I am optimistic that we can grow the Association and deliver our vision of: “Exclusively representing the external wall insulation industry”.

We would love to hear what you, our members want from your trade association.

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