The Bonfield Review: Better late than never?

Managing Director, Bevan Jones (Sustainable Homes)

Original Blog:

The Bonfield Review – Each Home Counts, snuck out in December to as much fanfare as you could expect on a Friday afternoon a week before Christmas. The outcomes of Dr Peter Bonfield’s review have been long awaited. The much delayed report has been eagerly anticipated, but a quick reminder of the scope of the review is needed:

When choosing to install energy efficiency or renewable energy measures in their homes, consumers rely on a framework of standards to ensure that they are protected and get a good quality outcome.

…This review will draw together evidence in relation to weaknesses in the existing framework of standards and propose how it can be made more robust for consumers, while encouraging investment and promoting innovation.

The review will cover the following issues:

  • Consumer advice and protection: what supports consumers’ decisions ahead of an installation and what assistance is available when things go wrong?
  • Standards framework: what ensures that the right products are fitted to the right properties in the right way during the installation?
  • Monitoring and enforcement: what ensures that poor quality work is dealt with effectively, and do the arrangements for audit, compliance-checking and sanctions provide sufficient assurance of this?

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