Prioritising Britain’s Solid Walled Homes

Chief Executive Officer, Gearoid Lane (Agility Eco)

AgilityEco has been proud to support INCA in championing the Solid Wall Industry’s cause with government. We recently supported INCA in formulating its response to the ECO “Help to Heat” consultation and over the course of that work we spent time with a number of BEIS officials and analysts to really understand, and question, BEIS’s assessment. AgilityEco and INCA’s shared message has been crystal clear from the outset: solid walled homes, which house many of Britain’s poorest and most vulnerable residents MUST be prioritised in government energy efficiency policy.

As we’ve said previously, we see SWI as the key to combating fuel poverty. There are more than 8 million solid walled homes in Britain, a third of all of our housing. Nearly half of those in fuel poverty live in solid walled houses. Uninsulated solid wall properties are highly inefficient, typically leaking twice as much heat as cavity walls, resulting in extremely high fuel bills for their occupants. SWI therefore delivers huge benefits for those living in solid wall homes (average annual savings of £490 per annum compared to £140 for cavity wall insulation), benefits that have not been delivered at any scale under successive supplier obligations, despite these households contributing hugely to the cost of those schemes. Moreover, owners (particularly social landlords and private householders) have been willing to make significant contributions to the cost of SWI works, keeping the cost to all energy bill payers down.  SWI results in significant job creation, delivers huge benefits to the exchequer (multiplier effect), whilst providing significant social and housing regeneration benefits.

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